13 Lobster Examples & Types: Facts That You Should Know!

Lobsters belong to the family of Nephropidae and have been characterized based on their shells and their habitat. Let us look at some examples of lobsters.

  1. Cold Water Lobsters
  2. Kanadese kreef
  3. French Blue Lobsters (Homarus gammarus)
  4. Warm water Lobsters
  5. Caribbean Lobsters (Panulirus argus)
  6. California Lobsters (Panulirus interruptus)
  7. South African Lobsters (Jasus lalandii)
  8. Australian Lobsters (Panulirus cygnus)
  9. New Zealand Lobsters (Metanephrops challengeri)
  10. Tristan Lobsters (Jasus tristani)
  11. Reef Lobsters (Enoplometopus)
  12. Slipper Lobsters (Scyllaridae)
  13. Squat Lobsters (Munidopsis spp.)
  14. American Lobsters (Homarus americanus)

Cold water Lobsters

Cold water lobsters belong to the family of Nephropidae. Dit word ook genoem waar or clawed lobsters. Cold water lobsters are found in the icy waters of the Atlantic Oceans.

Marine Lobsters

The scientific name of marine lobsters is “Homarus americanus” and are also known as New England lobsters. They are fibrous and are available commercially.

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Kanadese kreef

Canadian lobsters belong to the species of “Homarus americanus” and are also known as Marine lobsters. Their shell is hard, less sweet and contain dense meat.

French Blue Lobsters

French blue lobsters are also called breton, Brittany lobsters en Brittany. It has been known to be rich in copper, selenium and zinc, phosphorous, B12 Vitamin, Magnesium, Vitamin E etc.

Blue Lobster Image from Wikipedia

Warm water Lobster

Warm water lobsters are also called “Rock Lobster”, "Spiny lobster" en “False Lobster”. Warm water lobsters contain five appendages and they do not have any front claws.

Caribbean Lobsters

Caribbean lobsters are found in North American coast, Golf van Mexiko en shore of Caribbean. They are commercially available and are famous for their vleis and a nice hard shell.

Caribbean Lobster Image from Wikipedia

California Lobsters

California lobsters species includes spiny lobsters which are found on the cost from Monterey Bay, CA om Mexiko. They are one of the economically important lobsters on the west cost of Amerika.

South African Lobsters

South African lobsters are found in cold water but they have been classified as water lobsters as they do not have claws and also belong to the genus "Palinarius" just like the other warm water lobsters.

South African Lobster Image from Wikipedia

Australian Lobsters

Australian lobsters are mostly found in Australia as the name suggests and are known for their delicate flavor. The weight of their tail is around 8 – 10 ounces and they are of red and green shades which makes them attractive to look at.

New Zealand Lobsters

New Zealand lobsters are found in the deep waters of South Pacific coast and have a scarlet-colored shell. There are two types of New Zealand lobsters these are, red or spiny lobster and packhorse rock lobster.

Tristan Lobsters

Tristan lobsters are found in the waters of Tristan da Cunha Island in South Atlantic. They are the inhabitants of cold water found underneath the rocks. They are usually smaller than the other sea lobsters.

Reef Lobsters (Enoplometopus)

Reef lobsters belong to the genus of small lobsters and are found on reefs of Indo-Stille Oseaan, Caribbean and warmer regions of Atlantiese Oseaan. Their color is bright and are of many different colors like red, purple, orange and white which makes them a great attractant and are showcased in aquarium.

Reef Lobster Image from Wikipedia

Slipper Lobsters

The Slipper lobsters lobsters belong to the family of “cyllaridae” and are found in the warm oceans and seas. They have enlarged antennae that makes them easy to be recognized. Their body is covered by the thick carapace and contains six segments in head and eight in toraks.

Squat Lobsters

Squat lobsters have been known for their ability to grow their arms to their body length and they also steal food from sea anemones. The structure of these lobsters resembles hermit crab.

Amerikaanse kreef

American lobsters are found on the coast of North America. they are recognized by different names such as True lobsters, Canadian reds, Maine lobsters, etc. They contain ten legs and are closely related to crabs and garnale.


To conclude the article, we can say that there are different types of lobsters which has been categorized and characterized based on their habitats, their color and size and how they are consumed in different regions.

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