7 Facts On Those As A Pronoun (When, Uses & Examples)

Words in the English language play so many important roles in different contexts. Here we will learn about the word “those” as a pronoun.

A pronoun is a word that we use instead of a noun or noun phrase in constructing sentences. “Those” is used to point to people and things. Therefore, ‘those’ is a demonstrative pronoun.

Let us discuss some relevant facts related to the word “those” with the help of the question words “when” and “how,” along with some examples.

When is “those” a pronoun?

The word “those” is a pronoun. Let us discuss when the word “those” is used as a pronoun.

The word “those” is considered to be a pronoun when it substitutes a noun that has already been referred to in the far time. “Those” is the plural form of “that.” We use “those” for plural nouns. 

Example-Those are fresh apples kept in the freezer.

Explanation- “Those” is the substitute for the phrase “fresh apples” and also the introducer of the sentence.

When is “those” a demonstrative pronoun?

The word “those” can be used as a demonstrative pronoun as well. Now let us explore when we need to use “diegene” as a demonstrative pronoun.

The word “those” is used as a demonstratiewe voornaamwoord in die volgende situasies:

  1. "Those’ is used as a demonstrative pronoun when we need to talk about plural nouns.
  2. "Those’ is used as a demonstrative pronoun when we need to ask about people or things.
  3. "Those’ is used as a demonstrative pronoun when we need to introduce people.
  4. "Those’ is used as a demonstrative pronoun when we need to point to something or someone known.
  5. "Those’ is used as a demonstrative pronoun when we need to refer to a place.
  6. "Those’ is used as a demonstrative pronoun when we need to refer to time.

Examples of “those” as a demonstrative pronoun-

We have already learned that “those” can act as a demonstrative pronoun. We will go through some examples where “those” works as a demonstrative pronoun.

voorbeeldeIn the situation when ‘those” is used as a demonstrative pronounverduidelikings
1. I love drawing and singing. Those are my favourite hobbies.To specify something"Diegene‘ is used to specify ‘drawing and singing’ in this sentence.
2. Namita told you those old researches were about the fire hazard?To talk about nounHier,'diegene‘ is used as an object pronoun.
3. We enjoyed reading those long articles in the English language.To talk about the past time"Diegene‘ is exercised here to describe the past emotional distance.
4. Those big issues can never be forgotten.To describe more about subject"Diegene‘ is used here as predicative pronoun (Pronoun + adjective + noun).
5. You may select one of those in the shop.To specify something"Diegene‘ is used to specify something which is available in the shop.
6. The cars in the back are costlier than those in the front.To assign far distance (local)"Diegene‘ is used to explore about the cars in the sentence.
7. Those food look delicious.To describe something"Diegene‘ is used to describe about noun.
Example of those as a demonstrative pronoun.

Is “those” an object pronoun?

It is certain that “those” is a pronoun. Now let us check whether “those” is an object pronoun.

“Those” is not an object pronoun, as an object pronoun is the receiver of the verb’s action in a sentence. Words such as me, us, her, and him are used as predicative or object pronouns and the receiver of the verb’s action in the sentence.

Is “those” an indefinite pronoun?

We know that “those” is not an object pronoun. Let us discuss if “those” is used as an indefinite pronoun or not below.

“Those” can not function or be used as an indefinite pronoun, it only represents plural nouns because an indefinite pronoun is an expression that does not have a specific referent.

For Example- I have to make some planning. Those are of great importance for the preparation.

Explanation-‘Those’ is used here to begin the sentence or introduce the sentence.

When is “those” not considered as pronoun?

The word “Those” is considered a pronoun in certain situations. Let us find out here when “those” is not considered a pronoun.

“Those” cannot be considered a pronoun when it works as an adjektief in the sentence. Instead, “those” can be used as a bepaal and an adverb in sentences. It also has further usage as a conjunction in sentences.

We have discussed that “those” is used as a demonstrative pronoun or adjective. Let us look at the detailed explanation below.

voorbeeldSituations of when “those” is not considered as pronounVerduideliking
1. Diegene apples have been brought from the market near my house.To specify something as an adjective"Diegene‘ is used here to specify one thing “apples” in the sentence and here those is used as an adjective in that sentence.
2. Robin has completed all diegene activities that he attempted.To specify something which is already mentioned as an adjective"Diegene‘ is used as an adjective to describe more about the noun” questions” and it acts as an describing word.
3. I need some activities; “diegene” will keep my mind a fresh all day long.Complement of a relative clause"Diegene‘ is used as a conjunction to join two clauses.
4. Three years? She can’t wait for “those” lang tydperke.Before an adjective or adverb"Diegene‘ is used here as an adverb in the sentence.
When “those” is not considered as pronoun?


“Those” is a demonstrative pronoun. It also has so many usages as a determiner, an adverb or a conjunction and an adjective in English language and literature.

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