15 Feite oor HCl + ZnCO3: Wat, hoe om te balanseer & Gereelde Vrae

HCl + ZnCO3 is one of the reactions of HCl with weak bases like ZnCO3. Let us see how the reaction works.

ZnCO3 is a smithsonite mineral that occurs in nature as a white solid. Its melting point is 140°C, and it has less solubility. HCl, a strong acid, can completely dissociate into the aqueous solutions. Its melting point depends upon the concentration of the solution.

In this article, we will go through some of the facts of this reaction, like its products, intermolecular forces, and displacement reaction type.

What is the product of HCl and ZnCO3

HCl reacts with ZnCO3 to form zinc chloride, water, and carbon dioxide gas.

2 HCI(Aq) + ZnCO3 (e)= ZnCl2 (aq) +CO2(g) + H2O(L)

What type of reaction is HCl + ZnCO3

HCl + ZnCO3 reaction can be considered an suur-basis reaksie since HCl, a strong acid, reacts with weak base ZnCO3 sout en water te vorm.

How to balance HCl + ZnCO3

The balanced chemical equation for the above reaction is:

2HCI(Aq) + ZnCO3 (e)= ZnCl2 (aq) +CO2(g) + H2O(L)

Steps to balance the HCl + ZnCO3 reaksie:

  • Step 1: Calculate the number of atoms on the reactants and products side.

The following table shows the number of atoms in both reactants and products.

atomeReactants sideProducts side
H 1 2
Cl 1 2
Zn 1 1
C 1 1
O 3 3
Atome aan reaktante en produkte kant
  • Step2: Putting the required coefficients in front of the unbalanced atoms on both sides to get a balanced reaction

Our attempt was accomplished by placing 2 as a coefficient of HCl

  • Therefore, the balanced chemical equation for the above reaction is given by:

2 HCI(Aq) + ZnCO3 (e)= ZnCl2 (aq) +CO2(g) + H2O(L)

HCl + ZnCO3 titrasie

The below data gives an idea about the titration of HCl versus ZnCO3.


Conical flask, measuring jar, volumetric flask, wash bottle, pipette, burette, burette stand, watch glass.


Since it is a strong acid versus weak base reaction, the phenolphthalein indicator is used; its endpoint is pink to colorless.


Burette is filled with standardized HCl, and ZnCO3 is taken into a conical flask and start titration by dropwise addition of HCl and add indicator in the middle and titrated until the solution becomes colorless. It is the equivalent point; note down the readings, find the volume of ZnCl2 using the formula V1S1=V2S2.

HCl + ZnCO3 netto ioniese vergelyking

The net ionic equation for the HCl + ZnCO3 reaction is

2H++ ZnCO3= Zn2++CO2+ H2O

The net ionic equation for the reaction of HCl + ZnCO3 was obtained by following the below steps

  • Step 1: Write down the balanced chemical equation for the above reaction

The balanced chemical equation for the  HCl + ZnCO3 reaction is

2 HCI(Aq) + ZnCO3 (e)= ZnCl2 (aq) +CO2 (g) + H2O(L)

  • Step2: Split the strong electrolytes into ions on both reactants and products side

In this reaction, HCl and ZnCl2 are the strong electrolytes

2H+ +2Cl-+ ZnCO3= Zn2+ +2Cl-+CO2+ H2O

  • Step3: Cancel the spectator ions on both sides to get the net ionic equation of the above reaction

The net ionic equation for the HCl + ZnCO3 reaction is;

2H++ ZnCO3= Zn2++CO2+ H2O

HCl + ZnCO3 gekonjugeerde pare

Die gekonjugeerde pare formed in the reaction of HCl + ZnCO3 are strong acid HCl and its conjugate base Cl-.

HCl + ZnCO3 intermolekulêre kragte

Intermolekulêre kragte in HCl

HCl + ZnCO3 reaksie entalpie

HCl + ZnCO3 reaksie entalpie is always negative. The enthalpy for the redox reactions is negative since its Gibbs energy value is less than 1.

Enthalpy of an exothermic reaction

Is HCl + ZnCO3 'n bufferoplossing

HCl + ZnCO3 is nie 'n bufferoplossing because HCl is not a weak acid, and as there is no conjugate acid for the weak base ZnCO3

Is HCl + ZnCO3 'n volledige reaksie

HCl + ZnCO3 is not a complete reaction since ZnCO3 is not completely dissolved into the aqueous medium, so there is a chance for a further reaction when the external solvent is added.

Is HCl + ZnCO3 'n eksotermiese of endotermiese reaksie

HCl + ZnCO3 is 'n eksotermiese reaksie, so the energy produced during the reaction is enough for the complete reaction. There is no need for external energy.

Is HCl + ZnCO3 'n redoksreaksie

HCl + ZnCO3 is 'n redoksreaksie because ZnCO3 reduces the HCl by changing the oxidation state of the H ion from +1 to 0; parallelly, ZnCO3 oxidizes the carbonate ion from -2 to 0 oxidation state.


Is HCl + ZnCO3 'n neerslagreaksie

HCl + ZnCO3 is nie 'n neerslagreaksie, as no precipitates are formed during the reaction.

Is HCl + ZnCO3 omkeerbare of onomkeerbare reaksie

HCl + ZnCO3 is irreversible because the products no longer undergo backward reactions to form reactants under the same conditions.

Is HCl + ZnCO3 verplasingsreaksie

HCl + ZnCO3 is 'n dubbele verplasingsreaksie since the chloride ion gets displaced from HCl to ZnCl2, and similarly, the Carbonate ion gets displaced from ZnCO3 aan CO2.

Dubbele verplasingsreaksie


The reaction between  HCl + ZnCO3 is one of the sources for the formation of ZnCl2, which has a wide range of applications in laboratories, metallurgy as a flux, paper, and textile industries, and fingerprint investigation.ZnCl2 also acts as a disinfectant and wood preservative.

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