Does Platinum Conduct Electricity? 9 Facts(Why, How & Uses)

Platinum is a more expensive metal than gold and a rare element found on Earth. It is even used in ornaments, so let us discuss whether platinum can conduct electricity or not.

Platinum is a good conductor of electricity as it allows the flow of electric flux across its cross-sectional area when an electric current is passed through it. The magnitude of the conductivity of electricity depends upon the resistivity of the platinum.

We shall talk about the facts that make it possible for platinum to conduct electricity, the different properties of this metal, electrical resistivity and conductivity of platinum, where it can be utilized being an excellent electric conductor, further in this article.

Why does platinum conduct electricity?

Only those metals that can give up electrons easily can conduct electricity. Let us see why platinum can conduct elektrisiteit.

Platinum can conduct electricity because it does not have a wholly filled electron orbital, which makes it unstable. Hence, the valence electrons of platinum are easily given away when supplied with energy. These electrons move to conduct the flow of current generating electricity.

How to calculate electric conductivity of platinum?

The electric conductivity determines the total flux that can pass through platinum to produce electricity. Let us see how to estimate the electric conductivity of platinum.

The electrical conductivity of platinum is calculated by using the formula σ = 1/ρ, where σ is the electric conductivity of platinum, and ρ is its resistivity. The platinum‘s electric conductivity is 9.5 ×106 S/m which is a reciprocal of its resistivity.

The electric conductivity of platinum can also be calculated using the formula σ = J/E, where J is the current density through the platinum sheet, and E is the electric field strength generated by the total electric flux flowing through a unit cross-sectional area of the conductor.

Properties of Platinum

Platinum is a silvery, malleable, ductile, precious metal that makes it the most practical element. Let us discuss some properties of Pt that make it a perfect electric conductor.

  • Platinum is a least reactive element and rarely forms oxides, even at high temperatures.
  • Platinum is a dense metal having a density of 21.09 g/cm3 forming an fcc structure.
  • Platinum is available at 5 g/kg in Earth’s crust and has an oxidation state of +2 and +4.
  • Platinum is the most stable element and does not tarnish.

Uses of Platinum as an Electric Conductor

Platinum is a rare element found on Earth but still is used widely. Let us list out some uses of Pt as an electric conductor.

  • Platinum is used in a Pt resistance thermometer to measure a current produced by heat.
  • Platinum is used in wires, thermocouples, electric contacts, electrodes, and optical fibers.
  • Platinum is used in LCD glass, cathode ray tubes, and to make thin film circuits.
  • A powder of Pt is used for self-lighting gas lamps.

Is platinum a good conductor of electricity?

We have discussed till now that platinum can conduct electricity. Now let us elaborate on whether it is a good conductor of electricity.

Platinum is a good conductor of electricity because it has good conductivity and allows the flow of charges through the matter. The number density of the electric flux passing through the unit cross-sectional area is high, which directs the flow of current across the length of the platinum conductor.

Moreover, platinum does not oxidize at any temperature, which increases its durability. It is used to make a thin wire, increasing its conductivity as it is malleable and ductile.

What is the electrical resistivity of a platinum wire?

The resistivity of platinum determines its ability to resist the flow of electric current. Let us talk about the electrical resistivity of a platinum wire.

The electrical resistivity of a platinum wire is 105 ×10-9 Ώ.m. The electrical resistivity of a platinum wire can be calculated using a formula: ρ = RA/L, where ρ is the resistivity of platinum, R is its resistance, L is the length and A is the area of a wire.

The resistivity of the platinum wire is inversely related to the temperature; that is, it decreases if the temperature of the wire is increased.

Is platinum a good electrical conductor than copper?

The metal is an excellent electric conductor based on the electric field produced by its free electrons. Let us see whether Platinum is good electric conductor than copper or not.

Platinum is not a better electrical conductor than copper because it has lower electrical conductivity than copper, although the durability of platinum is better than copper.

Why is platinum a good conductor of heat?

The good conductors of heat allow heat to flow from one end to another. Let us ponder on the reason that makes platinum a good conductor of heat.

Platinum is a good conductor of heat because it allows the heat energy to transmit and flow across its length and cross-sectional area efficiently. The heat energy acquired by the free electrons of the platinum atoms vibrates and transmits the heat energy to their surrounding atoms.

The thermal conductivity of platinum is 72 W/mK. Heat transmission through platinum metal is possible because the atoms are densely packed, have high density, and are resistant to corrosion.


We can conclude from this article that platinum is a good conductor of heat and electricity and does not get tainted easily, hence is used for various applications. The conductivity of Pt is mainly due to its electrons and is inversely related to the resistivity, which decreases with rising temperature.


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